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  • Direct Internet Service
  • MKS Virtual Firewall
  • DDoS Protection
  • SME Broadband Internet
  • Internet Exchange (IIG&NIX)
  • Cloud Direct Connect

Our Services

Direct Internet Service

We deliver the dedicated bandwidth options to your business’s need so you will have the seamlessly upload and download data transmission with the connectivity speed up to 10Gbps, you just rest assured that the data is delivered precisely.

MKS Virtual Firewall

MKS Virtual firewall service can help company and organizations ensure staff and guest are securely accessing the internet and Cloud.

DDoS Protection

Business today relies heavily on the quality of internet connection and potential threat like DDoS attack is very harmful to day to day business.

SME Broadband Internet

We can deliver the better than home-use broadband at affordable price to medium size business in Laos who need to use the quality broadband internet.

Internet Exchange (IIG&NIX)

IIG&NIX are the gateway services for Service Provider to exchange data globally and locally to SYMPHONY’s Internet Gateway.

Cloud Direct Connect

The dedicated connectivity direct to Global cloud providers enhancing for better experience than internet for customers who have heavy data transfer with global could services.

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